Danika Magdelena


Danika Magdalena

Danika Magdalena is a photographer and visual artist. All her work is shot in 35mm film. These four images are taken from her 'Girls Don't Cry' series.  

"The inspiration for the photographs comes from my own personal experiences. I've always wanted to showcase my work to everyone off social media but I wasn't sure what I wanted to present. I'd been working on a series based on the theme of love and heartbreak for a while which started off as more of a personal project. I was in the process of making a short film with my friend and fellow artist Sabb Adams for a university project, and I fell in love with what we were creating. 

I also write in my spare time so I started incorporating this into my photography work, taking photos of beautiful, strong women and collecting submissions from girls about their experiences of love and heartbreak. My goal was to show girls that heartbreak is something that we all go through and we shouldn't be ashamed of. Some of us feel more intensely than others, and with this project, I want to say that you are not alone, and you will not remain alone. You can express yourself in whatever way you desire." 

-Danika Magdalena