Freya Bramble Carter


Work in progress for We are Here, BME Women

Freya Bramble Carter

Born and bred in London and lucky enough to have a potter as a father, Freya studied Fine Art and grew to become really passionate about ceramics. She teaches weekly ceramic classes at Freya's Clay Club and has gone on to feature as a contestant on the popular TV show, The Great Pottery Throwdown

"The best thing about my practise is being able to connect with people through the medium and I flourish through teaching."

Most of the time I play around with clay until something spectacular appears. And my art, my expression is as simple and happy as that. I sit and spend time, hours and hours on every detail, somedays mistake after mistakes happen, but with perseverance we get there.
This work has led me to meet and collaborate with other artists and clients from all parts of the world." 

- Freya Bramble Carter