THANK YOU, IT'S BEEN REAL... This website is now an archive of the work We Are Here UK, an artist-led and artist-run platform by wxmen and non-binary people of colour and ethnic minority backgrounds ran from 2017-2021. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us, all the artists we have worked with and we hope this archive may help anyone interested in setting up their own artist led collectives!

 Artist Fund

We sponsored 4 Black UK Artists a month for ten months with funds to go towards buying art materials to their art practice thanks to our PRISM funding. Some examples of the work artists made using materials from our art fund on our Instagram 'free materials' highlights and below.

'Perception' oil on canvas artwork by Grace Hamilton
Desmond Tutu homage and Artwork by Saffron Renzullo

Artwork by Amara Lawrence


We received funding from PRISM in 2020 and 2021 which enabled us to adapt our IRL (in real life) art clubs to URL (online) during the pandemic to create our online art club sessions! We commissioned a number of artists to run online workshop sessions which you can view and watch on our Instagram and see some examples of below. We have also linked the individual workshop video links below by title too. 



Please be aware that we are trying to organise online workshops and art clubs which we can offer via our social channels during the Covid-19 pandemic. TBC


All our art clubs are free to attend you just need to RSVP your free space by emailing us. You will also be given a 20% voucher from GreatArtUK so you can continue making beyond the sessions.


Calling all budding artists and creatives! We are very excited to have launched our FREE, all materials provided, art club exploring everything from speed dating drawing challenges, to clay hand building, digital landscape painting and more! 

As the winter nights draw in, these art club sessions aim to bring people together to explore their creative side. The first session will be kicking off with a speed dating style drawing workshop where you’ll be encouraged through a number of drawing challenges to meet new creatives and explore the different ways in which drawing can be used as a tool for recording. 

Artists and workshop leaders Jess Nash and Erin Aniker will be hosting the art club sessions and on hand to offer any advice and tips on how to perfect and explore your art techniques and skills. 

The workshops are sponsored by GreatArt UK so all art materials will be provided by them so you just need to bring yourself! Each workshop attendee will also receive a 20% off voucher to use at GreatArt at each workshop session so that they can continue making beyond the sessions. 

The workshops are free and open to people of all abilities and backgrounds with a big focus on encouraging women and non-binary people from BAME backgrounds to attend. 

Art Club Month 1: DRAWING
'Taking a line for a walk' 
October 2019

In our first art club session we explored drawing from observation through drawing sections from our still life, speed dating portraits where we drew each other in only 2 mins, blind contour drawing, drawing from music + more. 

Art Month Club 2: CLAY 
'Make Something Useful' 
November 2019

We explored hand-building using clay through a number of warm up activities and then learnt how to 'make something useful' so to make something of use which everyone ended up taking home with them: kitchenware, bowls, mugs etc. We used a mix of air drying, stone and earthenware clays and followed up with notes about local kilns and glazes to bisque and glaze fire the stone and earthenware clay objects. 




All our art clubs are free to attend you just need to RSVP your free space by emailing us. You will also be given a 20% voucher from GreatArtUK so you can continue making beyond the sessions.



Curated by Jess Nash, We Are Here UK took part at a Friday late at the V&A Museum along with a number of amazing artists and collectives celebrating Black and Asian histories and championing us taking up space!

 Muslim Sisterhood ran a collaborative installation alongside a collage workshop with Charlotte Edey, Olivia Twist and Jess Nash celebrating where you're really from. 

All photos © Hydar Dewachi

Image by Nadia Akingbule | @nadiaakingbule |