Alev Lenz Studio: Exhibition Launch

Exhibition Launch | Thursday 6th July 2017 | 6.30 - 9.30 PM

Exhibition Continued Thursday 6th - Sunday 9th July 2017 10 am - 5 PM

Our first exhibition and launch took place at Alev Lenz Studio in Shoreditch. 



Danika Magdalena

Danika Magdalena is a photographer and visual artist. All her work is shot in 35mm film. These four images are taken from her 'Girls Don't Cry' series.  

"The inspiration for the photographs comes from my own personal experiences. I've always wanted to showcase my work to everyone off social media but I wasn't sure what I wanted to present. I'd been working on a series based on the theme of love and heartbreak for a while which started off as more of a personal project. I was in the process of making a short film with my friend and fellow artist Sabb Adams for a university project, and I fell in love with what we were creating. 

I also write in my spare time so I started incorporating this into my photography work, taking photos of beautiful, strong women and collecting submissions from girls about their experiences of love and heartbreak. My goal was to show girls that heartbreak is something that we all go through and we shouldn't be ashamed of. Some of us feel more intensely than others, and with this project, I want to say that you are not alone, and you will not remain alone. You can express yourself in whatever way you desire." 

-Danika Magdalena


Liv & Dom 

Liv & Dom is work from the combined imaginations of Liv and Dom Cave-Sutherland, identical twin sisters from Sussex, UK.

"The sculptural work of twin sisters Liv and Dom Cave-Sutherland is sweet and sharp. A combination of both their process and outcome the sisters create clay and fabric products with an innate cheeky expression." 

Lucy Bourton, It's Nice That



Work in progress for We are Here, BME Women

Freya Bramble Carter

Born and bred in London and lucky enough to have a potter as a father, Freya studied Fine Art and grew to become really passionate about ceramics. She teaches weekly ceramic classes at Freya's Clay Club and has gone on to feature as a contestant on the popular TV show, The Great Pottery Throwdown

"The best thing about my practise is being able to connect with people through the medium and I flourish through teaching."

Most of the time I play around with clay until something spectacular appears. And my art, my expression is as simple and happy as that. I sit and spend time, hours and hours on every detail, somedays mistake after mistakes happen, but with perseverance we get there.
This work has led me to meet and collaborate with other artists and clients from all parts of the world." 

Freya Bramble Carter


Sofia Niazi

Sofia Niazi is an artist and illustrator working and living in London. She completed an MA in illustration at Kingston University. She is a co-founder of DIY Cultures Festival and OOMK Zine. She currently runs a community risograph print studio in Newham, Rabbits Road Press, with studio mates Rose Nordin and Heiba Lamara. She employs various digital and hand drawn techniques in her work and explores themes relating to technology, politics and animals.

Sofia has produced work for Migration Museum, Museum of London, Barbican and The Guardian, amongst others. She regularly leads workshops and delivers talks about her work in community, gallery and academic settings. 



Joy Miessi

Joy Miessi is an artist and illustrator based in London. Joy translates moments, conversations, feelings and intimate thoughts into visual pieces for reflection. Social themes such as race, gender, sexuality are reoccurring in Joy’s present work and are translated through abstract shapes, figures and writing.

'Joy Miessi's self-documentation artworks communicate the feeling of displacement" 
- Lucy Bourtin, It's Nice That


Dayo Adesina

Dayo Adesina studied Fine Art at the university of creative arts in Farnham before switching to the BA illustration course in her final year.

Adesina's work examines childhood, collective memory, place, sexuality and the body.


Leyla Reynolds

Leyla Reynolds is an artist, illustrator and Head of Illustration at Gal-dem. She studied politics at the University of Bristol where she became interested in the relationship between art and politics.


Olivia Twist

Olivia is a London based illustrator who has a keen interest in exploring concepts of heritage, oral history and the ‘shock of the familiar’. She is currently a second year student at the Royal College of Art studying MA Visual Communication.

Through the use of reportage illustration, Olivia routinely explores concepts of routine, the mundane and nostalgia, all central themes in her work.

Olivia’s work is unrepentantly raw, genuine and comprises a myriad of esoteric layers, informed through her love of observation and self-ethnography.

Her desire as an illustrator is to bring previously untold or overlooked narratives to the foreground, for this reason her favourite part of the design process is research; she draws on a rich range of contributors from multiple disciplines and works very closely with her audience.



Nasreen Shaikh Jamal Al Lail

Nasreen Shaikh Jamal Al Lail is a first class graduate in Photography (BA) from the University of Westminster and a recent graduate in Photographic Studies (MA) from the University of Westminster London. Her work has been exhibited in both England and Saudi Arabia. 

Jamal Al-Lail is interested in the connection between self-identity and space. Having been raised partly in Saudi Arabia, now living as a Muslim in Britain, her personal experiences have shaped the way she perceives the fluidity and dynamism of cultural identities. Her art attempts to understand how interactions between the collective memories of different cultures creates a unique set of problems for the individual – who am I and what can I become? She weaves this alterity into her artistic practice so that it may be better understood by those who find themselves amidst the confluence of our ever-changing global society.

She is also a co-founder of Variant Space, a collective of muslim, female artists.


Aleesha Nandhra

Alesha Nandhra is an illustrator and sometimes printmaker based in London. Her work often employs a mixture of traditional and digital media. She enjoys using bold and fun imagery to solve visual problems.

She has worked with a range of clients from Little White Lies Magazine to Buzzfeed News, amongst many others. 

Lilian Nejatpour

Lillian describes herself as a British, Iranian artist concerned with technology as a mode of evolution that influences our physical gestures, dialogue and language. She uses digital forms as human counterparts, exploring the intimacy of online thinking and the deep changes occurring in our physical and psychic subjectivation through social media. 

Her practice questions technological invasiveness and sentimentality, she questions how these two very distinct modes operate alongside each other and what problems arise when they are captured and re-situated in romantic conversation through sculpture and video



Erin Aniker

Erin Aniker is an illustrator and Visual Arts Editor at popular feminist platform, The F Word. Her work is influenced by the mixed female community she grew up with in London and her dual Turkish and English heritage. 

Most of her illustrations are completed digitally and have a big focus on celebrating women of diversity in colourful, minimalist environments. She also enjoys creating illustrations for use across editorial, print and online platforms.



Kariima Ali
A freelance photographer based in East London, her work over the years is a composite of her training in analog film photography and love for digital art. A member of the Black girl art collective BBG, she is also one of the curators for the Black British Girlhood exhibition, showcasing the work of young Black British women.


Jess Nash

Jess Nash is an illustrator and workshop facilitator currently based in the South East of England. She enjoys making work focused on non-fiction narratives, social commentary and making Illustration interactive. She also really enjoys exploring the idea of art and education and how the former informs the latter.